The Cardocchia Wine House is located on a land that has been inhabited since ancient times.

The fertility of the soil, the proximity to the watercourses, the advantageous positioning for defence, the favourable climate have always created the perfect living conditions for the population of the region, as also proven by the numerous archaeological sites, of which the most important being the Castignano Stone, a grit stone which preserves one of the most ancient italic alphabets, dating back to the VII /VI centuries BC.

These places have always been synonymous with labour and serenity, as the Benedictine monks of the Farfa Abbey have suspected and who, during the Middle Ages have received the land of Montedinove village as a gift, building afterwards the wall that surrounds the city.

The wine has always accompanied the life of the inhabitants of Piceno, even since ancient times, as the Latin writers, such as Varro, Columella or Pliny the Elder have witnessed: in the Middle Ages, when the products of the land could hardly satisfy the people in the small villages; in the Age of the City-States, as the living conditions improved, the consumption increased as well. The activity of the Cardocchia Wine House is related to this long tradition, giving rise to wines bearing the names of the viticultural area they are produced, DOC Rosso Piceno and Rosso Piceno Superiore and DOCG Offida, from Passerina, as a result of an activity which is in full harmony with the earth and the plants.

The range will be shortly completed by DOCG Offida Pecorino and Offida Rosso.