The Cardocchia Company has always chosen to respect the nature and consumer’s health.  In order to obtain a biological wine, we must begin with the cultivation of the vines. Cardocchia uses neither chemical fertilizers nor pesticides and the vine is nourished exclusively with manure from stables where cattle live in a biological environment.

An effective means to biologically protect the vines against its main enemies, the vine fungus parasite and the mildew, is the use of sulphur and copper. Unlike chemicals that enter the lymphatic system of the plant, these are only contact products; they cling to the leaf and are washed away when it rains.

Even though the company has a rainwater storage tank, this is only used for watering the  vegetables and never the vine; thus, the vine is much healthier, the harvested grapes present less mould and the risks of degradation by decay are limited. Also, unirrigated vines push the root deep in the ground in search of water, extracting minerals and other nutrients that give richness to the taste, texture and flavour to the wine.

The Cardocchia Company has been biologically certified by the CCPB Institute for more than 23 years, its objective being to maintain a constant control of the products; this is an important certification but it also represents a guarantee of the love for nature which has been transmitted from generation to generation.