The modern structure housing the cellar, decorated with enormous frescoes painted by the Romanian artist Lucian Mînecan, is situated in Montedinove, a locality in the southern part of the Piceno province, an area which has been always dedicated to the production of wines of great character and personality.

The approximately 1000 hl of wine derive from grapes harvested from vines planted in medium-textured soils, mostly argillaceous, between the mountains and the coast, on the sunny hills of Piceno where, when the sky is clear and the fog dissipates, you can often observe the sea, at a distance of no more than twenty kilometres.

The Territory

The Cardocchia Wine House is located on a land that has been inhabited since ancient times.

The fertility of the soil, the proximity to the watercourses, the advantageous positioning for defence, the favourable climate have always created the perfect living conditions for the population of the region, as also proven by the numerous archaeological sites, of which the most important being the Castignano Stone, a grit stone which preserves one of the most ancient italic alphabets, dating back to the VII /VI centuries BC.


Our story

A family that has been always connected to its land.

And, if we were to describe the Marini family in one sentence, this would be the most appropriate. Even the name given to the company, Cardocchia, indicates this strong connection, like a thistle with its tough roots, hard to be ripped from the ground.

The story begins a long time ago, with Hector Marini and his land given to his son Almerigo, who, in 1954, planted the first 3 hectares of vines. Each year the vine grew and expanded, reaching 15 hectares in 1969. The first wine cellar was founded in Castignano in the same year, in C. da San Venanzo and Giovanni, his son, will carry on his work.